Our wine expresses the land were we raise our vines.  A family-owned property located in the final stretch of the river Miño, belonging to the Rosal sub-zone of the Rias Baixas D.O.

Vimbio is a Galician word to name a kind of willow, traditionally used to tie the vines to the wires. It is also our promise and commitment to work in an artisan way, hands on the ground.

Trough a firm compromise with sustainability our wines search the most honest expression of our terroir. We give them freedom to show the singularity of each harvest. We commit with the variety and diversity present in nature in opposition to the uniformity imposed by the market.

Because we know that the consumer wishes to be surprised and escape from monotony we invite you to enjoy the authenticity that only small producers can offer.

The wine
Vimbio is crafted with three grapes:
•    Albariño (over 90%), common to all Rías Baixas D.O. it contributes to the structure and characteristics of these great Atlantic wines.
•    Caiño Branco, endemic to the Rosal county this long-cycle grape is renowned by its noble acidity.
•    Loureiro, also endemic, it is very aromatic conferring the wine distinctive fruity and spice notes 

All together Vimbio is a zesty wine, elegant and much equilibrated, different to what it is commonly found in the market. Its freshness makes it perfect for the aperitif. Its acidity turns it essential for seafood, fish or Asian cuisine. And its elegance pairs it with white meats.

The vineyards
Two and a half hectares divided into three bordering vineyards named Casendo, Veque and O Eido. They are located in the small town of Goian, between the valley of the Miño River and the Argalo range. Mostly Albariño grapes we also have a good representation of Caiño Branco and some Loureiro. Our vines are between 20 and 30 years old, an optimal age for high quality grapes
The vines grow in a mix soil made of clay, rolling stones and schist, covered by a wild evergreen meadow.
Because of a respectful and dedicated hand work our plantation is healthy and creates an ecosystem were lots of animal and vegetal species live. We believe that this is represented in our wines.

In 1985 our family bought the land and planted the first vines. What initially started as a hobby to Tito Crusat, the patriarch, shortly after turned into passion. With his effort and the support from Carmen Cañada, the matriarch, the project grew and ignited inside their sons. Tito couldn´t finish his dream, to build an small artisan cellar to craft his wines. This is the commitment of my wife Patricia and me, Martin, son of Tito and Carmen. Our first wine Vimbio was born in 2012. In 2015 the cellar will be ready to craft the wines.
We believe that respecting both nature and the consumer is the only way to go. Our goal is to elaborate affordable high quality wines trough sustainable production.


San Lorenzo nº16, Goián, Tomiño 36750, Pontevedra, Galicia, España

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